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Door Blinds - Care and Use

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Jim Dalton -  A Tribute

On September 5, 2018, employee owners of Thermo-Twin lost our founding CEO/President Jim Dalton.

Though retired after a long tenure at the head of the company, Jim came out of retirement three years ago to act as an advisor for Thermo-Twin.

When not in Florida during the winter months, Jim came into the office daily to assist and guide the management team headed by our current CEO/President Bob Sciullo.

Jim was loved by all of the employees and he will forever be in our hearts and prayers.


Windows and Doors.  Sunrooms and Patio Rooms.  Glass Units and Siding.

Retail and Wholesale Sales.  Service and Installation.  Since 1972.

We are Thermo-Twin.

Thermo-Twin has been providing window solutions to the Pittsburgh region for over 40 years. Founded in 1972, we’ve evolved from being a glass supplier to the window manufacturer and remodeling company that we are today. Our expertise is in constructing, designing and installing windows, sunrooms and patio rooms. We’re proud to be an employee-owned company, and we’ve made it our priority to deliver quality products made locally in Oakmont, PA.

Pride in Craftsmanship

Product quality and customer satisfaction are our priorities. Our commitment to quality control begins with using virgin vinyl in the production of our windows, increasing both stability and consistency. We also support each of our products with advanced Super Saver materials and incorporate the use of four-point welders (opposed to two-point) in the majority of our windows to square the components and enhance operation.

Part of what enables Thermo-Twin to deliver consistent, top-of-the-line products is our computer automation process. From start to finish, the manufacturing of our windows is regulated. Each piece of equipment is expertly calibrated and activated to regulate production, from assembly to scanning and tagging. We take care to conduct quality checks throughout the entire process to ensure that you receive our best work and affix a National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) quality label affirming that there are no chips, cracks or imperfections.


Thermo-Twin is 100% employee-owned and operated, so each of our team members has a stake in the company, something to call their own. But why is employee ownership so important to us? One word: pride. In working for ourselves and for one another, we take greater pride in everything we do, from workmanship—our individual efforts and contributions—to craftsmanship—the quality of the products we create for our customers. Because each of us is so close to what we do, we have a strong motivation to do right by our customers and to produce the highest quality products.

Locally Manufactured

Thermo-Twin not only calls Pittsburgh, PA “home,” but every one of our windows is created here. From our Oakmont, PA facilities, we individually craft each window that comes through our assembly line. Thermo-Twin windows are not only made in the USA, they’re made in Pittsburgh. Customers reap the benefits, with orders being quickly and conveniently manufactured, delivered and installed.

Professionally Installed

When we install our products, we take the greatest care possible. In handling new windows and maneuvering around each home we visit, our installers use caution in maintaining a clean space and protecting personal property. After an installation is complete, we leave homes looking both beautiful and clean.

Installers Needed

Thermo-Twin is seeking candidates to become Employee-Owners in their growing window installation and sunroom installation departments.

Thermo-Twin Offers:

  • Competitive Wage
  • Paid Holidays
  • Vacations
  • Health and Insurance Benefits
  • ESOP Opportunities
  • Company Truck and Tools

Job Requirements:

  • Window installation and/or sunroom installation experience
  • Ability to pass clearances (driver's record, criminal background, drug screen)

Apply today at:

Thermo-Twin Industries, Inc.
1155 Allegheny Avenue
Oakmont, PA  15139
(412) 826-1000 phone   (412) 826-0455 fax