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Bay Window FAQ

What is your warranty?

There is a limited lifetime warranty which is transferrable to a second owner.

What is the difference between a “Bay” and a “Bow”?

Both windows are “projected windows” meaning they come away (stick out) from the wall.  Bay windows consist of three window assembly on a 30, 45 or 90 Degree Angle coming away from the wall.  Bow window can consist of a multiple of window units, usually from 3 to 6, and are assembled in a continuous radius of either 9 degrees or 12 degrees.

Do you offer a custom roof?

If Thermo-Twin’s professional installation team performs the installation, we can custom build a roof over the “Bay” unit.

Can a Bay Window be installed where a single window is now located?

Our experience sales professionals can guide you on this answer. It depends on the size of the single window, and the angle for the projection away from the house. If necessary, and the conditions permit, Thermo-Twin’s Installation Professionals can increase the existing window opening to accommodate the new Bay Window.