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V700 Vinyl Casement Window


Beauty most definitely comes to mind when you consider purchasing new windows. V700 casement windows offer various aesthetic features. These windows are designed for use as either replacement or new construction windows and are available in Operating Left, Operating Right or Fixed configurations. Additionally, the beveled exterior adds an element of elegance.


V700 vinyl casement windows are crafted with one, two or three moveable window sashes. Sashes are fusion welded at each corner to ensure proper squaring and fit of each window into its opening. Upon complete installation, each sash opens a full 90⁰ to allow ideal airflow and ease of cleaning from the interior of your home


At Thermo-Twin, we promise quality construction and long product life for each and every one of our windows. V700 vinyl casement windows have various components to enhance construction and strength. Each window incorporates a unique frame design with cradles to support the window hinges. Additionally, the V700 uses specially-designed screw bosses and interior walls for enhanced product securement in your home. We also know that your windows must be easy to use, long term.

The multipoint locking system incorporated into the V700 allows for years of smooth operation. Finally, customization is possible with this model, so each window incorporates subtle accessory grooves in order to permit the use of trim and attachments


Clear, strong glass makes your windows sparkle. V700 vinyl casement windows from Thermo-Twin are constructed with 7/8” insulated glass, sealed into each sash with silicone glazing. Find the right look for you by choosing from the selection of glass packages available for the V700 product line

Energy Efficiency

The windows in your home should be not only attractive and strong, but also be efficient and protect your home from weather. V700 vinyl casement windows are designed for maximum energy efficiency. The silicone glazing at each sash seals the glass completely, leaving zero room for air, water and insects to sneak in. The V700 is also equipped with dual weather stripping around the perimeter of each sash, guarding against air infiltration.