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Vinyl Windows

Vinyl frames are low maintenance and provide good thermal insulation. Sections may be hollow or filled with foam insulation. Wide vinyl sills may be reinforced with metal or wood.

Thermo Twin | Energy Efficient Windows

At Thermo-Twin, we’re dedicated to providing advanced, energy efficient windows. All of our windows are Energy Star certified as a reflection of our environmental friendliness, quality of construction and insulation. To provide our customers with superior, efficient vinyl window products, we use the latest technology: Super Spacer® by Quanex.

Product Series

V700 vinyl awning windows complement any home. With a number of essential features, from quality components to product attractiveness, our V700 awning windows are sure to meet your needs and last for many years to come. Find out if awning windows are the right fit for your home!

V700 vinyl casement windows are ideal for a variety of home applications, and have several functional and aesthetic features. Small or large room, our V700 casement windows will meet your needs by virtue of top-quality construction, energy efficiency and much more. Explore your options today!

Thermo-Twin’s vinyl bay and bow window products make up some of our most diversified, customizable products available. Our custom bay and bow windows are made to enhance the look of your home while giving you the benefits of various window types. Quality construction and unparalleled aesthetic features make bay or bow windows the perfect choice for any home.

V700 vinyl windows are equipped with a variety of features to maximize functionality and appearance, all while meeting your needs. From aesthetic appeal to expert construction and energy efficiency, you can expect the best from your V700 vinyl windows. Customize yours for your home or office today!

V700 slider windows are ideal for just about any home. Featuring everything from aesthetic elements to professional-grade glass, our V700 slider windows are the quality products you’ve been looking for. Learn more about the V700, and contact a Thermo-Twin representative to schedule your free estimate.

V700 vinyl picture windows are functional and flattering. High quality construction ensures durability, while various aesthetic features guarantee that your new windows will blend seamlessly with your home’s décor. Find out if vinyl picture windows are the right fit for you; speak with a Thermo-Twin team member today!


Vinyl is a very affordable and durable product used in many replacement windows and new construction windows. But unknown to most people outside the window industry “not all vinyl or vinyl extrusions are created equal”.

Just like most things in life vinyl extrusions can be purchased in variety of thicknesses with a variety of internal chambers. Though not visible once a vinyl window or door is assembled, the thickness of the vinyl and the amount of internal chambers has a direct correlation on the energy efficiency and strength of the window or door. The thinner the vinyl and the less chambers, the less expensive the vinyl extrusion but unfortunately this cost is never past to the consumer by manufacturers using these sub-standard systems. At Thermo-Twin we use only the best extrusions produced by Chelsea Building Products located a mile from our plant in Oakmont, Pennsylvania. Chelsea’s thickness of material and multi-chamber design along with the craftsmanship of Thermo-Twin’s manufacturing process guarantees you an exceptional, quality-built product that perform and look beautiful from day one and many years after that.

Another large factor in vinyl is the purity. The purer the vinyl, the better the finished product and the longer the life expectancy. At Thermo-Twin we only manufacture with vinyl extrusions which were created from 100% virgin vinyl.  In doing this, we at employee owned Thermo-Twin guarantee from day one your windows or doors, whether bright white or one of our many colors, will be a beautiful addition to your home.

At Thermo-Twin, we manufacture vinyl products in the following styles:

  • Double Hung Windows
  • Horizontal Sliding Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Sliding Patio Doors
  • Custom Bay and Bow Windows

Along with that, the double hung windows, picture windows and casement windows are combined into a custom size bay and bow windows.


Thermo Twin | Vinyl Standard Colors
Vinyl Standard Colors

Thermo-Twin offers three standard exterior colors for vinyl windows:

  • Bright White - a Bright White Exterior with a Bright White Interior
  • Tan - a Tan Exterior with a Tan Interior
  • Cocoa - a Cocoa Exterior with a Bright White Interior

As it is the most flexible option and matches just about everything, our “Bright White” is by far the biggest seller in all of our markets.

*Colors are approximate, see sample for exact color.

Vinyl Custom Colors

We know that all homes do not fit one particular mold. That’s why Thermo-Twin offers eleven custom colors for all vinyl windows. To match your décor and overall color scheme, your color choices include:

  • Clay
  • Brown
  • Bronze
  • Sandalwood
  • Fieldstone
  • Light Grey
  • Hunter Green
  • Forest Green
  • Autumn Red
  • Black
  • Chocolate

You can mix and match colors for the interior and exterior of your window.

*Colors are approximate, see sample for exact color.

Thermo Twin | Vinyl Wood Grain Finishes
Vinyl Wood Grain Finishes

If you have a more natural or rustic look in mind, we have you covered. In addition to flat colors, Thermo-Twin offers three interior wood grain finishes for all vinyl window products. Stand out with sleek wood grain finishes:

  • Light Oak
  • Dark Oak
  • Cherry

The exterior of your window can be any Vinyl Standard or Custom color.

*Colors are approximate, see sample for exact color.


Thermo Twin | EPA Lead Free
EPA Lead Free

Thermo-Twin is committed to your safety. We use hardware in the construction of our window products that is lead free in accordance with EPA standards. Materials are made from composite materials and do not incorporate the use of lead paint. We do this in an effort to limit human exposure to lead toxins that could otherwise be absorbed by repeat contact with components like window latches.

Thermo Twin | Constant Force Balance System
Constant Force Balance System

Fast and easy operation of your vinyl window products is a must. At Thermo-Twin, our windows are equipped with necessary hardware to maximize ease of use.

Our vinyl windows incorporate coil spring Constant Force Balance Systems by Amesbury. These components permit for smooth and effortless operation of our windows.

The Constant Force Balance System is only available on vinyl double hung windows.

Thermo Twin | Locks and Latches
Vinyl Window Locks and Latches

The locks and latches on your vinyl windows help to protect your home from both a security and energy efficiency standpoint. Each of these components in Thermo-Twin windows is created to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the product, from materials used to color.

Thermo-Twin uses only the finest lock products for our windows. Each of our windows incorporates the use of Cam Action Sash Locks. These locking mechanisms create a secure, positive fit of the window sashes at the lock rail, guaranteeing enhanced security and air-tightness to boost energy efficiency.

Our sash locking hardware is constructed with the highest quality materials. Thermo-Twin windows incorporate locks that are manufactured using composite materials. By using composites, our locks have a lightweight construction, greater overall strength, longer product life and are non-corrosive.


Thermo Twin | Insulated Glass
Insulated Glass

Thermo-Twin windows include insulated glass for enhanced efficiency. All insulated glass units are manufactured at Thermo-Twin using state-of-the-art Lisec equipment and incorporating the Super Spacer® glass sealing system.

Thermo Twin | Super Spacer® Technology

Thermo-Twin windows are equipped with first-in-class Super Spacer® technology. For the homeowner, this means quality and energy efficiency. Super Spacer® technology reduces condensation and makes for a quieter window product. Made of silicone materials, Super Spacers® are superior to their metal counterparts and help us to create some of the most energy-efficient insulated glass systems on the market.

Thermo Twin | Glass Packages
Glass Packages

The specific type of glass for your windows varies by taste and application. Glass packages can be ordered in a variety of types, including Energy Efficient Low E, Clear and Tinted Glass. A standard glazing package is available, as well. The standard model is our Comfort Select 36 Soft Coat Low E, which is filled with Argon Gas.

Thermo Twin | Internal Grids
Internal Grids

Internal window grids aid in the stability of and appearance of your new windows.  Internal grids are available in a variety of colors to match both the exterior and interior of your windows. Window grids are located inside of the glass, allowing for easy cleaning of the glass surface.

In choosing an internal grid design for your custom windows, you have several options. Grids are available in four unique styles:

  • 5/8” Flat Colonial
  • 5/8” Flat Diamond
  • Contour Colonial
  • Simulated Divide
Thermo Twin | Silicone Glazing
Silicone Glazing

Thermo-Twin windows are secured and made weather safe with the use of top-of-the-line sealants, guaranteeing stability. All of our insulated glass units are affixed to the sash by using silicone glazing. Silicone provides for a strong, weather-tight seal of the glass into the windowsashes.

Thermo Twin | Easy Cleaning
Easy Cleaning

Thermo-Twin windows require very little fuss and are simple to keep clean. For convenience and added functionality, the sashes on each window frame move up and down and tilt inward for cleaning purposes. You don’t even need a ladder! Simply release the lock on your windows and tilt the window inward for easy access to cleaning the exterior window pane.


Thermo Twin | Energy Efficient Windows

At Thermo-Twin, we’re dedicated to providing advanced, energy efficient windows. All of our windows are Energy Star certified as a reflection of our environmental friendliness, quality of construction and insulation. To provide our customers with superior, efficient vinyl window products, we use the latest technology: Super Spacer® by Quanex.


Why “vinyl” when I hear the claims of so many other materials?

Vinyl has proven itself to be a very cost effective and efficient manufacturing material. Thermo-Twin uses only 100% virgin vinyl which has a lifetime warranty against cracking and peeling.  Other manufacturers cut corners by using “reground” or “recycled” vinyl since it considerably less expensive. The problem with that material from our tests is that it does not provide the years of beauty, quality or performance that a window manufactured from 100% virgin vinyl provides. With 100% virgin vinyl you are getting a 100% pure material which has been proven to stand the test of time.

Why do you use “welded master frames” & “welded sashes”?

  • Simple answers are “strength”, “durability” and “energy efficiency”. Since a venting casement sash, when in the many open postions, moves outside the plain of the master frame and can be in that position for an indefinite period of time, it is imperative to have the strength a welded corners provide.
  • With a welded master frame and welded sashes there are no seams for air or water penetration making the welded corner superior to any mechanical (screwed together) fastened corner.

What is your warranty?

There is a limited lifetime warranty which is transferrable to a second owner.

What is your biggest selling color?

By far it is our “bright white” color in all of our markets. While other companies offer a “dull” white, we at Thermo-Twin take pride in manufacturing a “bright white” window which will look white for years to come.

Pride in Craftsmanship