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S6400 Aluminum Clad Wood Awning Window series


Your new windows have functional purposes, but you want them to look great, too! S6400 Spectrum aluminum clad wood awning windows are crafted to be eye catching and complement your home. The exterior of the S6400 is composed of beautiful, low-maintenance aluminum cladding. All interior surfaces, frame and sashes of our awning windows are made of carefully-selected Western Pine.

For an additional design option, S6400 Spectrum windows are also available with a brick mold primed exterior and a wood sill. Please discuss this option with a Thermo-Twin team member.


S6400 Spectrum aluminum clad wood awning windows incorporate one individual window sash. The sashes are mortised, tenoned and pinned at the corners, enhancing product strength.


Thermo-Twin windows are manufactured to last. Our windows are constructed with the highest grade materials using meticulous practices to ensure strength and a long product life. S6400 Spectrum aluminum clad wood awning windows are tough. Factory painted aluminum frame cladding provides strength, while limiting required maintenance. The sash cladding on the S6400 series is also made from prefinished, roll-formed materials, increasing the durability of our awning windows. 

The design of Thermo-Twin’s awning windows permits years of easy use and product customization, too. These windows incorporate a multi-point locking system to allow smooth operation and to transform your windows into truly personalized products, each is equipped with accessory grooves to accommodate trim and various accessories.


Thermo-Twin windows are made with heavy duty, crystal clear glass, which gives your products an extra shine. S6400 Spectrum aluminum clad wood awning windows are constructed with 7/8” insulated glass, secured into place via silicone glazing. Our glass is also removable, in the event that it must be replaced.

Choose from a variety of glass packages to customize your S6400 Spectrum awning windows.

Energy Efficiency

When you have new windows installed, they should provide maximum protection and be energy efficient to help you save on utility bills. S6400 Spectrum aluminum clad wood awning windows are designed with dual weather stripping to protect your home from excess air infiltration. Additionally, a standard full screen helps to maintain perfect airflow into your home.

Tech Specs

  • All wood parts are preservative treated according NWMA Standard I.S. 4-70.
  • All materials and construction conform to NWMA Standards, U.S. Commercial Standards and FHA requirements.
  • NFRC tested and rated.