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S6400 Spectrum Aluminum Clad Wood Casement Windows FAQ

What is your warranty?

There is a limited lifetime warranty which is transferrable to a second owner.

Why a Casement Window?

  • Casement windows are the most energy efficient operating windows.
  • Continuous Weatherstrip around perimeter providing a seal similar to your refrigerator.
  • Offers continuous, unobstructed vision in which multiple sashes can be combined in a single opening.
  • Allows for custom venting of the interior of the house.
  • Multipoint lock system adds additional security to unwanted visitors.
  • Internal screens for easy removal.

Do you make different grade of casement windows like good, better, best?

No…as an employee owned company we take pride in building only the best windows in the market place.

What is your biggest selling color?

By far it is our “bright white” color in all of our markets.  While other companies offer a “dull” white, we at Thermo-Twin take pride in manufacturing a “bright white” window which will look white for years to come.