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Slider Windows FAQ

What is your warranty?

There is a limited lifetime warranty which is transferrable to a second owner.

Why a Horizontal Sliding Window?

A sliding window provides a remedy for an economical and energy efficient manner of filling a large window area.
Provides for a large glass area which brings the outdoors into your house.

Why is a welded window a better product?

Simple answers are “strength” and “energy efficiency”.  With a welded master frame and welded sashes there are no seams for air or water penetration  plus the welded corner is superior to any screwed-together corner.

What is your biggest selling color?

By far it is our “bright white” color in all of our markets.  While other companies offer a “dull” white, we at Thermo-Twin take pride in manufacturing a “bright white” window which will look white for years to come.

Why “vinyl” when I hear the claims of so many other materials?

Vinyl has proven itself to be a very cost effective and efficient manufacturing material.  Thermo-Twin uses only 100% virgin vinyl which has a lifetime warranty against cracking and peeling.  Other manufacturers cut corners by using “reground” or “recycled” vinyl since it considerably less expensive.  The problem with that material from our tests is that it does not provide the years of beauty, quality or performance that a window manufactured from 100% virgin vinyl provides.  With 100% virgin vinyl you are getting a 100% pure material which has been proven to stand the test of time.