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Sunroom FAQ

What kinds of sunroom options does Thermo-Twin offer?

We specialize in three different custom sunroom options: year-round, seasonal and patio cover sunrooms. Why let the weather get in your way when you can enjoy the outdoors all year?

Why should I get a year-round sunroom?

Year-round sunrooms let beautiful light into your home all year, without compromising the temperature of your home. We offer gable, studio and existing roof styles.

Can you tell me a bit about seasonal sunrooms?

Seasonal sunrooms function as extra living space in your home, but not all year round. Spending time in your seasonal sunroom is ideal during mild weather, rather than the heat of summer or the coldest winter days. Our seasonal sunrooms are available in various colors and may feature different screen types, like aluminum-framed or fiberglass.

What if I just want a patio cover?

Thermo-Twin can design and install a custom patio cover for your home. Built on top of your existing patio, screened-in patio covers let you enjoy the outdoors without putting you within reach of pesky insects or strong UV rays.