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T1000 Thermalized Aluminum Horizontal Sliding WIndows series


Sliding windows must be both high in quality and beautiful. T1000 Thermalized Aluminum windows are designed with beauty in mind, featuring attractive aluminum and one venting panel per window. T1000 windows are available in Bright White and Bronze. Upon request, optional custom colors are available for incorporation into larger commercial projects and the T2000.


T1000 Thermalized Aluminum windows incorporate sliding sashes for sliding functionality. Each sash is assembled via an overlapping, telescopic process and components. Glass window sashes are sealed for enhanced protection using the commercial Marine Vinyl Glazing system.


Quality is our priority at Thermo-Twin. T1000 Thermalized Aluminum slider windows are crafted to the highest standards, and include features to maximize strength. These windows have extruded factory-finished aluminum framing and sashes, which boost overall strength and durability. The T1000 also uses butt joint jambs and head components with gaskets at the intersection of the sides and window sill.


The glass we use in the T1000 series will make your home sparkle. T1000 Thermalized Aluminum windows are each constructed with 7/8” insulated glass, secured with marine glazing. For enhanced flexibility and customization, different glass packages are compatible with and available for use in T1000 slider windows.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is essential when installing new windows, both in providing safety and in saving on utility bills. T1000 Thermalized Aluminum windows are designed to do each of these things. T1000 slider windows are constructed with thermally-broken master frames and sashes, promoting overall efficiency. Additionally, the T1000 also comes standard with a half screen for ventilation (full screen available upon request).

Tech Specs

  • LC-PG30-HS rating for commercial applications
  • NFRC tested and rated