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V700 Vinyl Awning Window Series


We know you want your new windows to be appealing. V700 awning windows offer various aesthetic features. Our awning windows can be used as either replacement or new construction windows, and are offered in either Operating or Fixed configurations. For new construction, each window includes a pre-punched nailing fin.


V700 vinyl awning windows are constructed with a moveable window sash. The sash is perfectly squared by means of fusion welding at each corner, so you are guaranteed a flawless fit, providing for adequate ventilation for your home. You will be able to easily clean your awning windows from inside of your home!


Thermo-Twin windows are manufactured by the highest quality and strength standards. V700 vinyl awning windows are no exception. Our awning windows are crafted with cradles on the frame to support each of the hinges. Additionally, the V700 integrates screw bosses and interior walls to better secure each and every window in your home.

And what would your new windows be without ease of use and customization options? V700 vinyl awning windows have a multipoint locking system, providing simple operation for the full life of the product. For ultimate customization, our awning windows are also designed with subtle accessory grooves too accommodate trim, attachments and accessories.


Heavy duty, crystal clear glass makes your windows shimmer. Each of Thermo-Twin’s V700 vinyl awning windows is crafted using 7/8” insulated glass, sealed with silicone glazing. For complete customization of your V700 windows, we have numerous glass packages available for you to choose from.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is extremely important when it comes to choosing new window products for your home. V700 vinyl awning windows are designed with efficiency features to help you save on utility bills and protect your home. The silicone glazing that seals each window sash ensures that there’s absolutely no risk of air, water and insect infiltration. As an additional benefit, the V700 incorporates dual weather stripping around each sash as well. This provides even more protection against air leakage.