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V900 Vinyl Sliding Patio Door series


We put the same level of care and attention into the look of our sliding doors as you do with decorating and maintaining your home. Therefore, our sliding doors come with a variety of aesthetic features. These doors feature a beveled exterior to enhance product beauty. Vinyl sliding patio doors are available in Operating Left, Operating Right and Fixed options and come in One Panel, Two Panel and Three Panel configurations. They function as either replacement or new construction doors. For new construction, each door includes a pre-punched nailing fin for easier installation.


V900 sliding patio doors are crafted with a singular sliding sash for ease of operation. The sash is fusion welded to ensure that it is perfectly true and square, and so that the new door fits the rough opening it is to be installed into.


Thermo-Twin’s V900 sliding patio doors are constructed with the highest grade materials, using the most effective manufacturing processes. The result is ease of use and long product life for you. Our sliding glass patio doors are designed with a stainless steel dual roller system, enhancing the sliding function and allowing for ease of operation. For your convenience, each door comes with subtle accessory grooves to accommodate trim, attachments and compatible door accessories.


Tempered glass guarantees a quality sliding glass door. Our V900 sliding patio doors come with 1” insulated glass, secured into the sash via silicone glazing compound. To truly make your new door your own, several glass packages are also available and compatible with the V900 series.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is vital for sliding glass doors. V900 sliding patio doors have features to maximize utility bill savings and protection of your home. Our doors incorporate the use of dual weather stripping around the perimeter, limiting air infiltration. Silicone glazing on the sash further enhances energy efficiency by preventing air, water and insect infiltration.