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Wood Features

Wood is the oldest know window and door product. Though once the staple of the new construction and replacement market, it has now found a new popularity with the innovation of treated wood which resist rotting and exterior cladding for low maintenance.

This product is a very beautiful addition to any home and is preferred by customers wanting the beauty and warmth a wood window will bring to your home. Handcrafted here by our experienced team of employees in Oakmont, PA, our windows are constructed of only Western pine which is capped with aluminum on the exterior. The wood provides the exceptional warmth, durability, energy efficiency and interior design flexibility while the exterior aluminum provides the low-maintenance exterior.

As with other products manufactured by the craftsmen at Thermo-Twin, only the highest quality of Western pine is selected for manufacturing. Many windows passing themselves off as wood windows are really composite windows using a minimal amount of interior wood. The Thermo-Twin Spectrum Wood Window is a solid wood window which if you remove the aluminum cladding from the exterior would function as a solid wood window requiring more exterior maintenance.

At Thermo-Twin, we manufacture wood products in the following styles:

  • Double Hung Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Custom Bay and Bow Windows

Along with that, the double hung windows, picture windows and casement windows are combined into a custom size bay and bow windows.